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Symbolizing power, nobility, luxury and ambition, color purple, especially grape color is popular among women. In ancient times, it has been used in imperial family or the wealth for their clothes. Purple bridesmaid dress has become the most welcomed dress for bridesmaids. On, you can browse it for a mass selection of purple dresses. Here centralize on grape color, I am going to show you a collection of awesome grape bridesmaid dresses on Dreampurple.


Goddess One Shoulder Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress Style-Irene

 Goddess One Shoulder Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress Style-Irene

Irene is an A-line one shoulder bridesmaid dress. Its goddess look was achieved by the sheared neckline and a vintage strap design, the backward photo is different from the front in that the strap is inclined when reaching down to the back. The ruffled skirt and bodice made a fairy look for wearers.


Chiffon Long Slim Bridesmaid Dress Style-Adela

Chiffon Long Slim Bridesmaid Dress Style-Adela

Adela is really hot recently. The sweetheart neckline is really cute! Strapless dresses are feminine and chic, and look good for any figure. The pleated skirt in full length starts from above-waist would make a slender visual effect. Besides its bridesmaid dress function, its a nice choice for parties an cocktails.

Chiffon Long Bridesmaid Dress Style-Irma

Chiffon Long Bridesmaid Dress Style-Irma

Similar to Adela, right? Indeed, Irma also gets a sweetheart neckline, ruched bodice and pleated floor length skirt. The main difference lies in Irma’s special shoulder straps. However, just that simple straps, Irma presents a more elegant and royal look compared with Adela. The back V shape formed by straps creates an outstanding look. The noble and royal feeling presented by Irma is incomparable.

Up to now, you may get how gorgeous those grape dresses are. If you can’t decide which one to choose, why don’t you get them all for your bridesmaids? Each one wearing a different style but harmonious in color, how stunning it would be on you big day!

Perfect USA Wedding Destinations In August by Dreampurple

It is reported that in UK, getting married far from home is becoming more and more popular, and with good reasons. Most importantly, it is often meaningful to take a small group of family and friends to a beautiful place. And for the guests, the mini vacation they will enjoy during the wedding is more appealing.

A USA wedding is a good choice for verities of wedding destinations. Whether you’re searching for epic natural scenery, poetical seaside feelings or fresh city views, we’ve compiled a list of the dreamiest spots in USA to say “I do” in August.

Grand Wedding in Niagara Falls, New York

USA-wedding-Niagara-Falls-New-YorkNiagara Falls has gained its reputation as the quintessential classic wedding and honeymoon spot. After so many years, the falls have been equipped with mature hosting services.

With the grand waterfall serving as the natural background, the wedding will open up in strong symphony played by the falls. For everyone present, this wedding will be unforgettable.

Refreshing Wedding in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

USA-wedding-Pigeon-Forge-TennesseeYou could go to Pigeon Forge for the mist-covered Smoky Mountains and world-class music venues that are perfect for a destination wedding.

With temperatures that often rise into the 80s and 90s, the Pigeon Forge offers a pleasant retreat during the hot summer months. Your guests will be treated a refreshing journey.

Romantic Wedding in Kauai, Hawaii

USA-wedding-Kauai-HawaiiWell, traditionally Hawaii is not the wedding destination but the honeymoon destination, but why not enjoy the double happiness of both the wedding and the honeymoon?

Kauai is the most pristine island which could make your wedding as romantic as possible. The perfect white sand beach and the coral reefs are so attractive that you may not want to leave after the wedding is over.

Glorious Wedding in Savannah, Georgia

USA-wedding-Savannah-GeorgiaWedding destinations could be cities of which Savannah is famous. As one of the prettiest cities in USA, Savannah provides you with picturesque charm. Your envision about the future life will be sweet in this city that is filled with hospitality.

You can see public squares covering Savannah so that you can easily find a venue for the wedding and every venue is filled with elegant historic senses. Your marriage in this city will look especially solemn and glorious.

Enjoy your wedding and wish you happy! xoxo from

Rustic Wedding Venue In UK Posted by Dreampurple

Rustic weddings are trending more than ever. For couples who want to save their budget while having an excellent and comfortable wedding, they choose the rustic wedding. Imagine yourself holding a wedding in a big farm or a barn surrounded with beautiful natural views, you can feel quiet and released when getting away from the big cities. Here for those who want to hold a rustic wedding in UK, Dreampurple recommend two magnificent venues for you.

South Farm in Shingay-Cum Wendy, Royston, Hertfordshire

south farm rustic wedding in UK

South Farm is definitely an enchanting and distinctly different venue for romantic rustic wedding in UK. It consists of three ancient listed timber framed barns, a granary, old dairy, hovels and stables, all lovingly restored. Guests can enjoy exclusive use of these whole property.

South Farm lies in the heart of the countryside on the Cambridgeshire borders with convenient transportation and beautiful natural scenery. With the capacity of more than 200 guests for a wedding ceremony, this place would no doubt be your first choice of an unforgettable wedding in your lifetime.

Alpheton Barns, Suffolk

rustic barn wedding in UK

Barns are now become increasingly popular for holding rustic weddings. Here the Alpheton Barns function as one of the most welcomed barn venue. Suffolk is located in southeastern of Virginia, a county in low-lying landscape with few hills and large arable land. It is also a county with vibrant history and special culture.

What you can see here: a rustic beamed barn of church-like proportions, where you can get in this cozy corner of Suffolk countryside. it’s the perfect space if you want to have total control from the decorations to the dinner of your wedding. Separate rooms are provided for the elderly and children.

Purple and Golden

Color themed weddings are rather hot nowadays, for those couples who want a color themed wedding, I have a personal advice that instead of one color you can use mixed colors for your wedding. You guests may feel dazed for looking a single color for too long. One of the most popular mixed-color weddings include golden and purple wedding. Dreampurple here would like to give you several tips if you are expected to hold a purple and golden wedding.

For Bride

For a purple and golden wedding, bride has various kinds of options in her wedding dresses, shoes, accessories and even her handbag. But here, I would like to focus one the bridal makeup instead of the previous aspects I mentioned, because you do not have to limit your choice of dresses for the purpose of matching your wedding theme. You can just show it in details, like a light golden and purple eye shadow makeup.

Purple and golden wedding makeupFor Groom

What can your groom do for your wedding theme? That’s simple, with just a purple tie or a bunch golden colored or light yellow bouquets, your groom matches perfectly for a purple and golden wedding. Other details for groom like a golden ouch, though small and unimpressive, will make things more flawless.
purple tie and yellow flowers for purple and golden weddingFor Bridesmaids

Your bridesmaid may be the most important person besides your husband. A beautiful short purple bridesmaid dress, a pair of golden high heels and some golden accessories, your bridesmaid looks elegant with the perfect match of your wedding colors.

bridesmaid dresses and accessories for a purple and golden wedding

Get-the-look: Chiffon Short Bridesmaid Dress Style: Diana

For Wedding Details

For a perfect purple and golden wedding, those details are extremely important. You wedding reception hall must be decorated carefully using these two colors: purple curtains, invitations and lights, golden table cards, wine glasses and wedding cakes, etc. your guests would feel like to be carefully looked after by you.

purple and golden wedding decorations

Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Summer Wedding

Selecting a suitable bridesmaid hairstyle for summer wedding can be challenging. If it is an outdoor wedding, then the Updo hairstyle is definitely good for bridesmaids because of the cool feeling; however, for an indoor wedding, bridesmaids can have a wide range of options. Check out the following hairstyles that are suitable for summer weddings.


Updos are one of the most classic and traditional hairstyles for bridesmaids. Updos include the side swept buns, low buns, mid-height buns, high buns, messy buns, etc. Each of these are glam and stylish.

1) Low

Low loose bun without any decoration looks pure and elegant. For an outdoor summer wedding, this is the most favored bridesmaid hairstyle.

Low bun hairstyle for summer bridesmaids2) Side 

Simple side bun leaves an impression of neat and clean. Hair color together with her red lipsticks contracts with her white dress, all of which creates a sexy and chic image.

side bun hairstyle for summer bridesmaids3) High 

Classy high bun with natural silky bangs embellish the face and make bridesmaids looks young and lovely.

high bun hairstyle for summer bridesmaidsBraided Hairstyles

Braided hairdos for bridesmaids are hot in 2013. There are many ways of braiding, for example, french braid, fish bone braid and braided pigtail. Nowadays, combine the braid with updo is a popular way of styling hair. Braid your long hair with new ways into a single braid will make you look elegant and lovely. Good choice for hot summer!

braided bridesmaid hairstyle

Wavy Hair-down

For a summer wedding, simply loose long wavy are alternative. You can wear hairpins or headband for decoration. Loose wavy with a central parting is a simple hairstyle that makes you look elegant and sweet. Paired with a cap-sleeve chiffon purple bridesmaid dress from is awesome and super feminine.

long wavy hair for bridesmaids in purple

Pure Romance for A Purple & White Wedding by

In recent year, purple is always the hot color. Clothes, handbags, jewelry and more things are designed in color purple. And weddings are no different. For purple color theme wedding, the best way to make your wedding unique is to match purple with white, namely a purple and white wedding. White, the main color used in traditional wedding, is also become a symbol of marriage itself. Through subtle use of these two colors, you wedding is definitely special.

1) White Bridal Gown + Purple Bridesmaid Dress

Dresses for purple and white wedding

If you choose to wear traditional white wedding dress, then picking up purple bridesmaid dresses would be a win-win idea, because color purple works as backgrounds for your white wedding dress and also matches your wedding theme. Dresses from pale lilac to deep purple are provided on where you may find suitable bridesmaid dresses.

2) Banquet Tables and Chairs

Purple Wedding Banquet Tables And ChairsThe main place of your wedding must be the banquet hall. Decorate white chairs with purple sashes, place a row of purple flowerpots above the pure white tablecloth,light the white scented candles in front of the table. How romantic!

3) Wedding Cakes and Dessertspurple wedding cakes and dessertsFood is another aspect to show your wedding theme. Prepare your distinguished guests with tasty, delicate and coordinate colored food, especially the wedding cake and dessert.

4) Other Details

purple and white wedding detailsWedding is a big thing in one’s life, although carefully planned, you may still ignore some details because of exciting moods on the big day. So prepare ahead about these details, for through these details your guests can see your sincerity. Match your white pearl earrings with purple high heels, pick up white-purple man’s tie for your husband. Bouquets with fresh white and purple flowers to go with your wedding dress. Some other details like invitation cards also needs to pay attention to.

Hotel Wedding in UK Reported by Dreampurple UK

Nowadays, people are busy with their life and work, many couples choose hotel wedding to relief the burden of complex as well as leave a good impression for the guests. Holding a wedding is a big thing for two families, so choosing a great hotel and making preparations carefully are extremely important. If you want to hold a hotel wedding in UK, I would like to give you some suggestions on the hotel wedding places and some tips during your preparation.

1) Decide Your Wedding Budget
Before all your preparation, you should decide your budget. To learn about the average budget of wedding in UK would be of great benefit. For example, do you want most of your wedding budget to be allocated? You can buy your bridesmaid dresses online to save money, such as For most, it’s the venue, then food and drinks, followed closely by the wedding dresses and lastly honeymoon.

2) Choice of Venue
When it comes to the choice of venue, some five-star hotels will provide you good services and perfect decoration and settings. Hotels like Dorchester, Royal Garden Hotel and Brown’s Hotel are all perfect choice.


hotel wedding in UK-Dorchester

Royal Garden Hotel

Royal Garden Hotel Purple Wedding

Brown’s Hotel

hotel wedding in UK -Brown's Hotel

3) Work with A Wedding Coordinator
If you not want to trouble yourself and expect everything goes well and orderly, you need to work with a wedding coordinator. Wedding coordinators don’t tell you what to do, nether do they promote what they would like and make decisions for you. What they can do is save you time, reduce your stress, eliminate problems and get you the best value for your money.

4) Food & Beverage
The choosing of food and beverage provided in your wedding is important, especially for your guests. Formal food, buffet, Cocktails, which kind of food and beverage you prefer? Make sure your decisions on food matches your wedding theme while delicate and delicious at the same time.

hotel wedding food and beverage